Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 9

Joke :
A lion, a hyena and a fox hunted rabbits together. The lion asked the hyena to divide the kill.The hyena divided into three equal parts and told the lion to take one portion. The lion killed the hyena in one blow.The lion asked the fox to divide the rabbits. The fox put one rabbit on one side and all the rest on another side and told the lion to the bigger portion. The pleased lion told the fox "Good. From whom you to divide like that?".
The fox showed the dead hyena.

 Message :
We need to learn from mistakes, ours and others.

 Joke :
A guy prayed god to win the lottery.He didn't win that year. He prayer next year also but didn't win.
The third year he prayed for many days.God appeared before him.The guy told God he didn't win for 2 years in-spite of praying and he should win that year. God told "Son, make sure you buy a lottery ticket first before praying"

Message :
Let's build the foundation and pray God for the walls and roof.

Jokes and Messages - 8

Joke :

Two senior close
Joke :
Patient - " I get angry even for ordinary things"
Doctor - " How long you have this problem? "
Patient - "Its none of your business you fool!"

Message :
Anger management is danger management


Two friends were die hard cricket fans.One of them died.Soon the other guy got a call from the dead guy."I have good news and bad news. They play cricket in heaven. "
"Wow . What is the bad news? "

"In tomorrow's game you are batting first"

Message :
Life is a game

Joke :
Patient - "I forget things too quickly"
Doctor - "How long you have this problem? "
Patient - "Which problem you mean doctor? "

Message :
Memory helps both pleasure and pain

Joke :

Dentist - (While seeing the open mouth ...)
" A big cavity A big cavity A big cavity"
Patient - " Why do you say it thrice doctor? "
Dentist - "I said once.The rest are echoes"

Message :
Our body and mind echo our problems

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Train - Images and moving images from a running train,beats of train sound

Video from a running train:
A Train sound simulation by beats on a table:

Jokes and Messages - 7

Joke :
A guy visited his friend's house. During dinner a member of the host family said "10". All the host family members laughed. Another member said "43" and all the host family members laughed louder. Then someone said "78", everyone laughed holding their Stomuch. The guest was confused about what was going on. He asked his friend. He rreplied "Since telling entire jokes take this time we have cataloged them.So when someone tells the catalog number we laugh for that joke"

Message :
The catalog number of above joke is 63.
Joke :
A scientist was doing an experiment with a frog . After cutting each leg he said "jump".The frog managed to jump. After cutting the last leg the scientist said "jump", the fiog didn't jump.He wrote in the report " After cutting all the legs the frog becomes deaf.

Message :
Observed may not be the truth. Truth must be observed
Joke :Customer service rep to a book buyer: "Sir , this book is a thriller. Only in the last page you will know the gardener is the killer"
Message :Good communication is what not to say and when.

Jokes and Messages - 6

Joke :
Wife wanted to go for picnic and asking her husband for a long time. One day her husband came early and took her out for picnic. After driving for sometime he reached a burial ground.
Wife was upset and asked "Is it a picnic spot? with red face.Husband said " Do you think it's an ordinary place. You know people are dying to reach here"

Message :
Joy is in the journey not the destination
Joke :
Man: " My son has swallowed agarbathi stand"
Friend : "What happened then?"
Man: " Nothing. In our house we use banana only as agarbarhi stand!"

Message :
Some innovations don't do harm
Joke :
A man boarded a rocket.It was going in normal speed for some time . Suddenly there was a sound from the engine and the rocket started increasing the speed.
The speedometer showed 1 lakh km per second. The pilot panicked. The speed soon touched 1000 lakh km per second. The pilot closed his eyes in fear. When he opened his eyes, the speedometer was reading 1 crore km per second.. The pilot shouted "Oh god".A voice asked "Did you call my son? "

Message :
We don't notice when god listens!!

Jokes and Messages - 5

It was a period when mirrors were just introduced in China. Only rich were owning.
A rich man was having a tall mirror in a secret room in his home. One day his wife went inside the room and saw her own image. She thought her husband has hidden a lady there and started crying near the door step. A monk saw her crying and asked for the reason. The monk went inside the room and came out.The monk told the lady " Don't worry my child. That lady had felt sorry and become a monk"

Message :
Mirrors reflect what you see!
Joke : (Folk story)
One guy's wife and mother used to quarrel always. One day he went of town for business. His wife and mother started the fight. The daughter in law hit the mother in law with ulakkai (long wooden rod used to power rice) in the neck. Mother in law lost her speech. Evening her son returned. She showed her son, , before dying, ulakkai, then her own neck and then the daughter in law. He couldn't understand. His wife explained as follows. " Your mother was telling you why you standing like ulakkai, take my chain and put in your wife' neck!"

Message :
Intelligence and innocence is a rare combination
Joke :To celebrate their 25th wedding day, a couple went to a restaurant. Immediately after getting seated, husband asked wife, "Would you like to take one more jilebi?".Wife asked "We haven't started anything. Why do you ask one more jilebi? ".Husband replied "Immediately after our marriage, I took you to a restaurant. You had a jilebi then"
Message :For timing you count.For counting you may not see time

Jokes and MEssages - 4

3 guys were captured by enemies. Their enemies decided to hang them to death in a bridge over a flooding river. The first 2 guys fell in the river because the rope was tied loosely.They swam and escaped. When they tied the rope around the neck of the third guy he said "Pl. tie the rope tightly. I don't know swimming! "

Message :
It is sometimes better to be quiet than to speak the last words.
Mother rat and child rat were chased by a cat.They escaped and entered their hole.As the cat approached the hole, the mother rat said "Bow wow". The cat ran away.The mother rat told the child rat ,
"See the use of second language!".

Message :
Language can be used for speaking or barking.
Joke:(my own)
A guy: " I don't believe in astrology"
Friend: "You may be like that as per your zodiac! "

Message :
People may believe astrology but astrology doesn't believe people.

Jokes and Messages - 3

A hunter faced a lion in a forest.The hunter aimed to shoot and the lion aimed to jump on the hunter. They both missed and ran out of the forest. The next day the hunter went to the forest and put a x mark on a wall and start practising on improving his aim.He heard some sound on the other side of the wall.He climbed a tree and checked.The lion had put a x mark on a tree and practising jumping to improve its aim.


When practice makes perfect for an animal must work for human too.
A guy watched a lonely guy in the train who was speaking to himself and laughing.He asked his neighbor what the lonely guy was doing. His neighbor told that he was telling joke to himself . suddenly the lonely guy pushed his hand in the air."What he is doing now? ".The neighbor told"He has already heard this joke before".

The perfection of madness increases the level of weirdness.
3 lizards on the wall.1 told a joke to the other 2.The other 2 lizards both laughed but one of them fell down from the wall.
It fell down b'coz it clapped while laughing.

Message :
A normal activity leads to abnormal result due to circumstances.

Jokes and Messages - 2

An old man asked his relative, a young guy "I heard that you learn spoken English through Postal.Let me see your skills, speak two words in English".
The young guy said "Sir Post!".

It doesn't matter how much one has learnt, one has to use whatever is learnt.
A call comes to a police station." Sir, a thief has entered a house at no.12, first street, Gandhi nagar, Adyar."

"Ok.Who is calling"

"I am that thief.These guys are beating me without any gap"

Communicating right message at right time to right people always helps.
Patron-"You normally extend one arm.Today you are extending both arms.
Beggar-"As business is going fine, I have opened a branch.


Expansion is a key to sustain any business.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Cultural evening - July 2013

Vishal and Vasanth on stage:
Mirudhangam slow motion:
Bharatham group dance slow motion 1:
Bharatham group dance slow motion 2:
Veena group concert:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's talk music - 2 (Raga Hindolam)

Once that radio program series featuring the Carnatic raga based film songs was over, had a collection of some Carnatic ragas and the film songs set in them.

Referred a Carnatic music book in Srivilliputhur Penington library and noted down the swaras for the ragas in my list.As a next step I needed a musical instrument to try playing the swaras of the ragas and the songs.A student friend from Madurai helped by lending his mini keyboard.

The first raga I chose was Hindholam.An old Tamil song was set in its scale.Sa Ga2 Ma1 Dha1 Ni2.

 I knew that the song Alaikkadhe Alaikkadhe is hidden among those 5 keys and I played that song in first attempt.The joy I had could have beaten the joy of Sir Edmund Hilary.

The scale of Hindolam:

Try it out now (Click on Notes,then click on Click to Activate keyboard control (on the top right) once.)
You may use mouse to try here.
You may install a cute little piano in your desktop here.

Film songs set in Hindolam scale.

Ramanukku mannar mudi sari thane by P.Bhanumathi

Ennada Kadhal idhu - Chinna poove mella pesu

Dharisanam kidaikathaa-Alaigal oyvathillai


Which of the songs below is in Hindolam?
a) Anandha then katru
c) Om Namasivaya

Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's talk Music - 1

In this series , l will narrate my love for music, the steps I followed in gathering the knowledge on music and share the knowledge I gathered.

During school days , they used to organize concerts in temple festivals in my native place Theni. Was fascinated by the "Alaipayuthe kanna" song ( Mahanadhi Shobana's rendition ) played in such concerts. It created an interest in carnatic music. Didn't have an opportunity to learn music,but started to feel like a musician.Used to be proud that my native is near Ilayaraja's native(Pannaipuram). The first time I saw a mirudhangam in a +2 class mate's home,I tried playing the Ayiram thamarai mottukkale song's opening thala (between 0.23 to 0.38 secs). The pleasure of playing was on till my classmate pulled the mirudhangam saying "Don't break it".

Of course you couldn't have seen me taking a dinner break after typing the "Don't break it" in the previous line. The same classmate once told me a peculiar incident in which his cassette player tape got reversed and the Varudhu Varudhu song played like Dhuruva Dhuruva in reverse.

During college days met a junior friend Sarath Chandran who was trained in Carnatic. Have a good habit of befriending people skilled in Arts, especially music. Had an opportunity to learn a carnatic song (Ninnuvina Namadendu) from him along with a senior in an open terrace. Sharath Chandran was our college Yesudas,because of him the malayalam song Sagarangale padi became my favorite. Sarath Chandran was fond of my poems. Was happy one day he tuned one of my songs and we recorded in a tape with his voice and my mirudhangam style thalam in a big mechanical engineering book.Luckily the owner of that book didn't pull it while playing. Years later I sang and recorded that song (Nakkeeran maruthaalenna) with my own music and my own voice.

In the final year, we went to Ettayapuram, the birth place of Poet Bharathiyar for an NSS camp. Came to know that they would conduct a song competition and only 2 singers (Sarath Chandran and Pichiah who used to sing "Chinnachiru pen pole" in resounding voice) had enrolled.Hoping for a sure third place I enrolled with confidence. Chose the song Nalladhor veenai seidhe for the competition. Requested and arranged for few junior friends to clap for the aalaapana (at 1.53) in the middle of the song. While singing that aalaapana those friends lost themselves in my song (?!) and forgot to clap. Had to gesture by hand to signal them and they clapped successfully. Was disappointed that only 2 prizes were given. When I checked with Ehiraj Sir about this his reply was "Vasi, paduvangalukku thaan prize (prize for only those who sang)".

During college days, when doing third year, got an interest to play flute. I would have thought playing flute must be easy by seeing its holes. Bought 2 things, a flute and a flute music cassette by Mali, the carnatic flutist. I didn't know that I was trying to swim just by listening the sound of somebody swimming. In the first attempt, I didn't even get the whistle sound from the flute, forget playing carnatic music.

The next attempt was buying a book Pullangulal vasikka katru kollungal (Learn to play flute) by Manimegalai press. It was a wonderful book (it got the Tamilnadu state award, not because I bought it), covered many things about carnatic music. It surely through some light (sound actually) on carnatic music.

During my college work life , the program broadcasted in Madurai station was useful, not during the show, but later. Each wednesday at 8.00a.m, they featured a carnatic raga and played film songs set in that raga. Very sincerely used to take notes about the ragas and the film songs every wednesday. The fun was, I was not aware of what a raga while taking down the notes. Our mind is capable of collecting information at present for using in the future.

                                 .... More later ....