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Get fit soon - AIBI gym show room (from Singapore)

                AIBI - The fitness show room  @ Skywalk,Chennai
The author: 
Not sure whether I am fit (pun intended) to write a post on a fitness shop.Few years back I used to go to the Chennai trade center frequently. When I walk among the crowd suddenly one or two guys from some stall used to point at me and call "Sir, please come" with real(?) love and respect. The very first time it happened I was thrilled at this sudden attention cum celebrity status and entered 'that' stall with a grin.I was asked to raise the hands which I obliged and did in James bond's style. What followed next answered all questions of my mind. They fixed a slim belt at lightning speed in my hip and pressed a switch, it started vibrating without any sound which I compensated for by shouting to switch it off. I didn't like the sudden shock. To hell with their love and respect. If I hadn't escaped, they would have reduced my belly on that day itself.
The place :
1st floor, Skywalk mall, Anna nagar East, Chennai
The shop:
AIBI gym (Singapore) fitness products , exclusive show room. AIBI stands for Achieving Individual's Beliefs through Innovation)
The products:
EZ tone chair
Massage Cushion
Exercise Bike
Fitness products like dumbbells (when will they become smart?), resistance tubes, weight reduction shaking type(power shaper), vibrating type etc.,slim belts.  The pedaling products (pics 1 and 3) were good. The pic 1 is easy to use and occupies less space, it is stylish too.
The massaging product (pic 2) can be put on any sofa and it gives good relaxation. It stretches the neck and massages shoulder too which is unique in this one, which I haven't seen any where. They have the trampoline in which you can jump (no, can't be used to jump from your company) to your heart's content. An electronic weighing machine was cool but not my weight reading it showed.
Most products got the pictures of female models in the package. Unless it is mentioned explicitly as 'for women' it is for both men and women.
The salesman:
David from Nagaland. He looked as if he jumped straight out of a Jackie Chan movie screen.David was very gentle. He mentioned about discount of 10% on most products and 20% on few products. You can quote my name to him and refer to me as the one who saw the demo of all the equipments before buying the second cheapest one.They provide interest free EMI options. For those without a credit card they will arrange for one for some processing fee.    

Check out the company's website

The website lists the below points on why we should exercise.
10 Reasons Why You Should exercise
1Regular exercise burns calories to help take weight off.
2Regular exercise keeps your body toned and looking good at all times.
3Physical activity strengthens your muscles.
4Exercise helps maintain flexibility.
5Exercise increases your stress resistance.
6Exercise helps you feel more relaxed and even sleep better.
7Exercise can slow the loss of stamina, strength, bone density and metabolic rate in many ways; it is the antithesis of aging!
8Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
9Regular exercise helps lower blood pressure.
10Whereas diets can lower your metabolism, efficient aerobic exercise raises your metabolism rate and helps you maintain a healthy body all year round.

AIBI's youtube channel: 

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