Saturday, March 31, 2012

HD Video - Mischievous Monkey @ Guindy Park,Chennai

We all know why mischievous kids are compared to monkeys. That young monkey is living life with utmost joy which is again comparable to kids. A mixture of intelligence,wit,fun,dynamism.
This is dedicated to the kids in your family and the kid in you

Friday, March 30, 2012

Video - Physics adding fun in Coin Donation

An interesting way to encourage kids in donating money for a good cause. Physics put into action in adding fun in donating a coin. You donate and watch the coin revolve so many times before getting into the hole.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HD Video - White Moon and Red Sun

Thanks to the many beautiful black crows which lend their voice as a chorus background score for this video.

Monday, March 26, 2012

HD Video - Loose thread walking by Ants

These Ants were walking from the terrace to a tree using a thread as a pathway. There are many things to learn from these ants. They are industrious,always engaged in some activity,they coordinate among themselves well,they adjust among them, they were not trying to push one another in that thread and they seem to be knowing their objective. Over to the video now...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's ok to smile at a stranger

The change I will do is to make smile infectious to create a smiling world. Is there any reason why not to smile at a passerby? We don't do that since we are brought up that way and we pass on the same thing to our kids. It will be a nonsense if we talk of smiling at a street dog or raging bull.It's a funny strange world where a yawn is infectious but not a smile.

Imagine a world where you smile at a police officer who smiles at you, you smile at a public servant who smiles at you, you smile at your strict teacher who smiles at you and you smile at another driver in the signal who smiles at you.

Face without any smile and very serious resembles the rigidity of a mosaic and it shows that the person who bears, is under stress. Since face and mind are related, one affecting the other, the stress is spread to others. Like love, stress gets multiplied when you divide it. One creates stress for others around one and it comes back in full force.

A smile in time can save someone. When you give a smile to someone when it is needed, you may get it from someone when you need it. It doesn't harm to start the day with a smile and end it with another smile. If a smiley is loved much in text  as much as a smiley ball, then there is no reason why a smiling human in flesh and bones can't be loved for the same reason. The greatest friendship begins with a single smile.

A smile brightens the face of both the giver and receiver. A smile from the bottom of the heart shows a positive spirit and creates positive energy. It can help somebody who is low in spirit, tangled in the life's problems, worrying that their personal problems are eternal. Neither their life is eternal nor their problems.

We have heard that the longest English word is smiles, because there is a mile between the two s. It is also the powerful word considering what it means. God gave the ability to smile only to human beings. Let us use that ability effectively to a full extent possible. We give that ability to the animals and birds in cartoons ignoring we need to use graphics to make some humans smile.

Smile a lot it costs nothing. Smile adds beauty to the face. Even our cameras can detect smile. Let our smile not wait for family and friends, let us heal the world and make it a better place by our smiles. Let us be a stress reliever of fellow human beings by our smiles. What you remember when you think of Mother Theresa is her smiling face. Let the world remember us by our smiling faces.

To rephrase Robert Frost's lines, "...Smiles to see before we sleep and smiles to see before we sleep!"
:-) :-) :-)

This article was written for the Indiblogger 'Time to change' contest. The sponsor's link is given below as per the contest rule.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo album - A dove and Anna nagar Tower Park, Chennai

Full Album: Pl. click here

30 days Challenge. Are you ready to take it ?

It all started when I watched that video in TED. It was about taking a 30 days challenge. The presenter was Matt Cutts . Pl. check the below link. 

Here is the link for the related website

Feel free (I mean it is free) to register in the website and you can add your challenge(s) in that. They send a daily reminder and also show days remaining for your challenge(s).
He suggested taking up something and continuing for 30 days. Now you got the link with the title. That something may be an addition or deletion. The below list has been modified to suit Indian readers.

10,000 steps a day
Take a picture a day
Write a novel (by writing few pages a day)
Write blog post a day
Learn to cook a recipe a day

No TV/TV Serial
No Sugar
No Drinks
No Cigarette
No junk food 

According to Matt Cutts, the benefits of the 30 days challenge are many. It will be a test of your will power. He says don't go to sleep without completing that day's challenge.

It may seem that the Additions part will be comparatively easier than the Deletions. I started the 30 days challenge from yesterday(21st March). My challenge was to write a blog post a day for 30 days. The challenge is so far successful. (Today is day 2)Will keep you posted (pun intended) on the daily basis. Suggest you take up the 30 days challenge and in case you start keep me posted. 

Suggestions welcome for the additions and deletions list. Are you ready to take it up?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anecdote - The voice change challenge

I am interested in the art of mimicry and possess some skills in that art.Had performed few stage programs.This happened many years back.I performed mimicry in an annual day function of my previous company.While returning home in the company bus, asked a colleague for his phone number.When he was about to tell the number, I told him "You are giving your phone number to me but I don't know in which voice i will speak!". He said immediately,"you can talk in any voice but I will recognize you". I said "Challenge!" and we raised our thumbs.

After few months I was walking near my house.I realized the day was April 1st.I thought of the challenge with my friend.Needed to decide the voice.I was confident that if I asked him to go to the office on Sunday he would go. Only thing is I should use a top boss's voice.I didn't want to punish him to that extent.So I decided on a common friend who had just moved out to another company.For both of them the mother tongue is Telugu.They used to switch between Tamil, Telugu and English in their conversation.I included "Emi baga unnaraa?(How are you?)" as one of the questions and planned to switch to English whatever was the answer at the other end.This was thought out to avoid my friend starting Telugu first and find out who is speaking really. Called my friend S in G's voice once the few minutes planning was over.The dialogue went as follows
"Excuse me may I speak with S".
"Ya speaking.Hai G!Tell me" (first line successful)
"Emi baga unnaraa?".
"Ya ya.fine"
"How is your company?."
"Fine,fine." (lot of energy in the answer)
"The other day Vasi called and told me that he is going to speak with you in my voice" (Actually telling what is happening at that moment as a past plan)
"Hello Boss.... Vasi" (got bored.Goal was achieved.So changed to own voice)
"Ennamma Vasi rendu perum vandhirukkeenga? (What Vasi both of you have come?)"
"Yarum yarum? (Who and who)"
"Neeyum Gyum" (You and G)
"Gyellam illa, naan mattum thaan (No G, only myself)"
(He had realized the date and what had happened. There was pause for few seconds)
 "I have been really fooled man".

He requested me to speak the starting few lines  which I did. He complimented me for the accuracy in producing G's voice. He might have thought I would call him and speak in some Tamil actor's voice. He was not knowing I could imitate G's voice with perfection.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

இவர்கள் ஒரே மாதிரி இருக்கிறார்களா? - பகுதி 2

என்னை பகுதி 2 எழுதத் தூண்டிய, பகுதி 1 ஊக்கப்படுத்திய அனைத்து நண்பர்களுக்கு நன்றி. இந்த தொடரின் பகுதி 1க்கு இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்

என் கல்லூரி நண்பர்கள் போல உருவ ஒற்றுமை உள்ள நண்பர்களைச் சந்தித்திருக்கிறேன். அவர்களது குரல், முக வெளிப்பாடுகள், நடத்தைகள் மற்றும் திறமைகள்,ஆளுமை ஒத்திருப்பதை ஆய்வு செய்திருக்கிறேன்  (ரூம் போட்டு யோசிக்கல, சில வினாடிகளில் தான்). அவர்களிடம் என்னுடைய இந்த ஒற்றுமைக் கோட்பாடு பற்றிச் சொல்லி,அவர்கள் பழக்க வழக்கங்கள் சில கேள்விகள் கேட்பது ஒரு பழக்கமாக மாறி விட்டது. என் ஒற்றுமைக் கோட்பாடு வேறு எந்த கோட்பாட்டையும் ஒத்திருந்தால் எனக்கு தெரியப்படுத்துங்கள்.

ஒரு தற்செயல் நிகழ்வு...கீழே உள்ள பட்டியலில் உள்ள அனைத்து ஒத்திருக்கும் ஜோடியும் நடிப்புத துறையில் உள்ளன. சும்மா விளையாட்டுக்குச் சொன்னேன். நான் ஒரு இந்தி சீரியல் பார்த்து போது, அதில் குனிகா லால் (கீழே பட்டியலில்) நம்ம காந்திமதி டிவியில் இந்தி பேசுவது போலத் தோன்றியது. (யூ ட்யூபில் அவர்கள் வீடியோ பார்க்க முயற்சி செய்யுங்கள்). சரத்குமார் மற்றும் சுரேந்திர பால் (மஹாபாரத் தொடரில் துடோனராக நடித்தார்) கேள்வி கணைகள் வீசும் கண்களைப் பாருங்கள். இருவரும் ராஜாவின் மிடுக்கு நடை கொண்டவர்கள் மற்றும் அவர்களின் உரையாடல் வழங்கும் பாணியும் ஒத்தது.