Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do they resemble each other?

When I first heard,during school days, that there are 7 look alike for every person in the world , I didn't believe. Later when I started observing people, I started believing that as true. Similarity between Tamil actress Gandhimathi and a Hindi TV/Film actress, Sarath kumar Tamil actor and a Hindi TV serial actor, Nitish barathwaj who acted as Krishna in Mahabharath serial and Andre Agassi, the list goes on. 

Many times the similarity may cross country boundaries. Normally when there are facial and body resemblances, I have observed the voice and gestures/mannerism resemblances too. It is almost like we come across a set of similar people, however that list is very BIG. 

Given below is a list to begin with. This list will grow with time.You are welcome to suggestions for adding to this list vertically or even horizontally.
Ashish Vidyarthi (Indian Actor)
Oliver Skeete (British Show jumper/Actor)
Acted in Die another day, bond movie
Meryl Streep ( British Actress)
Vani sree ( Indian Actress - Telugu/Tamil )

Noami Campbell (International Model)

Aishwarya Rai (Indian Actress)

Her Excellency Sheik Hasina (Bangladesh PM)

Mohini (Indian actress - Malayalam/Tamil )


  1. One more interesting thing.Generally the names of such identical people's names are also identical syllable wise.Like Oliver/Ashish or Streep/Sree or Aish war ya /Na o mi etc.

  2. This is an amazing analysis, the first and last comparisons are very close, but I would disagree with Naomi and Ash comparison, they certainly look different.


  3. Thanks Arnab for your comment