Friday, March 9, 2012

Science fiction - Soan papdi cart

Years later, I went to the terrace at late night. I feel it is a mistake today. It happened one night in 2010. Everyone in the house were sleeping. The angel called Sleep did not embrace  me. Went to the terrace to feel the breeze and enjoy the stars. I like the silence of the night and its color. Suddenly the weather changed and I felt chillness. An object resembling a Soan papdi cart was coming down the sky. Before I blinked the cart sat on the terrace in no time.
Have heard of flying saucer but I was  surprised to see one in front of me. I was sure that I was not sleeping and so it was not a dream. If an alien came down from that saucer, I would have gone home jumping over the steps, sleep in bed, get up next day morning and tell others about the nightmare. Aliens are no more aliens because of so many Hollywood movies. 

 It was a man who stepped from the saucer. A big man, so big he was double the size of Arnold. He got off the saucer. The saucer vanished within flick of a second. An Use and Throw saucer? Big man turned to my side and came towards me. He introduced himself and shook my hand with a solid grip. 

From what he said I came to understand that he is from the future. They are advanced in science than us. Even normal people are like our Einstein. Their youngsters used to have running race for fun and anybody who come last will be sent to the past in  time machine."Then how will you go back?" I asked with a concern. "Wherever we get down in time,   choose someone there and shake hand, I'll be go forward to our time in twenty minutes." "Very happy". "Whatever I am going to say next, you may not like. Whoever I shake hand with, will go back in time, the same period I go forward. I shook your hand! If time permits, will meet again! "
He was taken away in a Soan papdi cart in lightning speed. Before I was able to recover from the shock I too was taken in a Soan papdi cart.When I came back to my senses, I was in a garden. I saw many marble stones being taken to a nearby site. It was very easy to figure out that the Taj Mahal was under construction and half finished. WOW. It was beautiful even at that stage. Thanks to my knowledge of history. I will have to impress the king Shah Jahan with our Taj hotel,Taj tea etc., and take his help to be back in your time. 
I wrote my story using a quill, so that anyone reading this will post it in his blog and alert the people.