Friday, August 30, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 20

Joke :
Mr X went to a doctor with a bump on the forehead and told the doctor as reason for the bump " I am a construction worker.I used to break stones with the hammer. Today my boss saw me and told me to use my head once in a while"

Message :
Outside of the head can't do the work of inside of the head.

Joke :
Mr X was working in Tipu sultan museum. A visitor showed a big skull amd askef whose
skull it was.Mr X replied "Tipu sultan".The visitor showed a small skull next to the big skull and asked the same question. Mr X replied "Tipu sultan's skull when he was 10 years old"

Message :
Man can't see what history doesn't show

Joke :Mr X was a doctor once.He was checking a patient in the eyes, then nose and finally the mouth with a torch light.He then took a paper amd scribbled "The torch is working"

Message :No light can make a man bright.

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