Friday, August 30, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 14

Joke :
A panda went to a restaurant. Had a sandwich then took a gun and started shooting the plates, cups, other glassware. It left out quickly after saying "Check the dictionary to know who I am"
The restaurant manager checked the meaning of panda.It was written "panda - asian animal which eats shoots and leaves"

Message :
Don't look for meaning of meaning in dictionary.

Joke :
A car got stuck in a mud hole.A farmer came in a truck. Hel offered to help in getting the car out for 10 $.Once the car was out he got the money. "This is the 10th car I pulled out. "
"Ok.When do you work in your land, at night? "
"No.Night is when I pour water into the hole! "

Message :
Some create problems to give solutions

Joke :
A lady waa walking her dog.Behind her a big queue of ladies were going. One new lady came and spoke to the lady with the dog."I heard that your dog has bitten your mother in law. Can you give it for rent? ".
"That's ok but join the queue! "

Message :
Biting dog seldom barks !

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