Friday, August 30, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 15

Joke :
Interviewer asked the job applicant" How come your age is 35 and experience is 40 yrs.?". The response came "Overtime Sir !"

Message :
Time can only be used or wasted in the same day.

Joke :
Loan officer - "Considering your credit history you qualify only for auto loan"
Customer - "you mean money to buy car"
Loan officer - "I mean money you can lend yourself"

Message :
One should trust own self financially

Joke :
Employee - "My wife wants me to take leave tomorrow to clean the walls, roof, mop the floor and also clean the furniture"
Boss - "We are shortage of people. I can't give you leave tomorrow"
Employee - "Thanks Boss.I know I can always count you in"

Message :
Do your duty and leave it to the Boss!

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