Friday, August 30, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 13

Joke :
Teacher: "Tell about the people who lived in the 13th century"
One student : "None of them are alive now"

Message :
A fact may not be a correct answer

Joke :
They sent a man and a chimpanzee in a rocket. Both of them were given an cover with instructions. On reaching the space station, the chimp opened its cover and started controlling complex knobs, set many parameters, ,wrote a big assembly language program and smiled at the man sitting relaxed. The man got angry and opened his cover and checked his instructions. It read," Feed the chimp regularly! "

Message :
The difference between skills and resume is proportional to the difference between job and job description

Joke :
A 4 member panel was conducting interviews. One of them was a psychologist. 3 ladies came for the interview. After the technical questions, they were asked the below question. 
"Tell about India? "
One lady answered "I love India! "
Second lady answered "India is my mother land"
Third lady answered "India is great"
All the 3 technical wise scored same marks.
Finally the other 3 members turned to the psychologist and asked who to be selected. 
The psychologist replied "The one in green saree!"

Message :
Mind selects what needs to be observed!

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