Friday, August 30, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 16

Joke :
Patient - "Doctor I started sending email to myself"
Doctor - "What was the content of the last mail you sent to you? "
Patient - "Not sure. I didn't check mails after sending that mail"

Message :
What we write need not be right.What we don't write need not be wrong.

Joke :
A friend comes to Mr.X's home.There was no power at that time there.The friend was pressing the calling bell.Mr.X saw his friend thru' the window and told "There's no power. You better knock the door"

Message :
If the above joke is not funny you better laugh at that.

Joke :
3 guys were discussing their bad experience due to power cut.
"I once got stranded in a metro station for 2 hrs due to power cut."
"I once got stranded in a lift at my office for 3 hrs due to power cut."
"I once got stranded in an escalator of a mall for 4 hrs due to power cut."

Message :
If problem is in the mind then solution will not be there.

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