Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 3

A hunter faced a lion in a forest.The hunter aimed to shoot and the lion aimed to jump on the hunter. They both missed and ran out of the forest. The next day the hunter went to the forest and put a x mark on a wall and start practising on improving his aim.He heard some sound on the other side of the wall.He climbed a tree and checked.The lion had put a x mark on a tree and practising jumping to improve its aim.


When practice makes perfect for an animal must work for human too.
A guy watched a lonely guy in the train who was speaking to himself and laughing.He asked his neighbor what the lonely guy was doing. His neighbor told that he was telling joke to himself . suddenly the lonely guy pushed his hand in the air."What he is doing now? ".The neighbor told"He has already heard this joke before".

The perfection of madness increases the level of weirdness.
3 lizards on the wall.1 told a joke to the other 2.The other 2 lizards both laughed but one of them fell down from the wall.
It fell down b'coz it clapped while laughing.

Message :
A normal activity leads to abnormal result due to circumstances.

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