Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's talk music - 2 (Raga Hindolam)

Once that radio program series featuring the Carnatic raga based film songs was over, had a collection of some Carnatic ragas and the film songs set in them.

Referred a Carnatic music book in Srivilliputhur Penington library and noted down the swaras for the ragas in my list.As a next step I needed a musical instrument to try playing the swaras of the ragas and the songs.A student friend from Madurai helped by lending his mini keyboard.

The first raga I chose was Hindholam.An old Tamil song was set in its scale.Sa Ga2 Ma1 Dha1 Ni2.

 I knew that the song Alaikkadhe Alaikkadhe is hidden among those 5 keys and I played that song in first attempt.The joy I had could have beaten the joy of Sir Edmund Hilary.

The scale of Hindolam:

Try it out now (Click on Notes,then click on Click to Activate keyboard control (on the top right) once.)
You may use mouse to try here.
You may install a cute little piano in your desktop here.

Film songs set in Hindolam scale.

Ramanukku mannar mudi sari thane by P.Bhanumathi

Ennada Kadhal idhu - Chinna poove mella pesu

Dharisanam kidaikathaa-Alaigal oyvathillai


Which of the songs below is in Hindolam?
a) Anandha then katru
c) Om Namasivaya

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