Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 9

Joke :
A lion, a hyena and a fox hunted rabbits together. The lion asked the hyena to divide the kill.The hyena divided into three equal parts and told the lion to take one portion. The lion killed the hyena in one blow.The lion asked the fox to divide the rabbits. The fox put one rabbit on one side and all the rest on another side and told the lion to the bigger portion. The pleased lion told the fox "Good. From whom you to divide like that?".
The fox showed the dead hyena.

 Message :
We need to learn from mistakes, ours and others.

 Joke :
A guy prayed god to win the lottery.He didn't win that year. He prayer next year also but didn't win.
The third year he prayed for many days.God appeared before him.The guy told God he didn't win for 2 years in-spite of praying and he should win that year. God told "Son, make sure you buy a lottery ticket first before praying"

Message :
Let's build the foundation and pray God for the walls and roof.

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