Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 6

Joke :
Wife wanted to go for picnic and asking her husband for a long time. One day her husband came early and took her out for picnic. After driving for sometime he reached a burial ground.
Wife was upset and asked "Is it a picnic spot? with red face.Husband said " Do you think it's an ordinary place. You know people are dying to reach here"

Message :
Joy is in the journey not the destination
Joke :
Man: " My son has swallowed agarbathi stand"
Friend : "What happened then?"
Man: " Nothing. In our house we use banana only as agarbarhi stand!"

Message :
Some innovations don't do harm
Joke :
A man boarded a rocket.It was going in normal speed for some time . Suddenly there was a sound from the engine and the rocket started increasing the speed.
The speedometer showed 1 lakh km per second. The pilot panicked. The speed soon touched 1000 lakh km per second. The pilot closed his eyes in fear. When he opened his eyes, the speedometer was reading 1 crore km per second.. The pilot shouted "Oh god".A voice asked "Did you call my son? "

Message :
We don't notice when god listens!!

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