Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 7

Joke :
A guy visited his friend's house. During dinner a member of the host family said "10". All the host family members laughed. Another member said "43" and all the host family members laughed louder. Then someone said "78", everyone laughed holding their Stomuch. The guest was confused about what was going on. He asked his friend. He rreplied "Since telling entire jokes take this time we have cataloged them.So when someone tells the catalog number we laugh for that joke"

Message :
The catalog number of above joke is 63.
Joke :
A scientist was doing an experiment with a frog . After cutting each leg he said "jump".The frog managed to jump. After cutting the last leg the scientist said "jump", the fiog didn't jump.He wrote in the report " After cutting all the legs the frog becomes deaf.

Message :
Observed may not be the truth. Truth must be observed
Joke :Customer service rep to a book buyer: "Sir , this book is a thriller. Only in the last page you will know the gardener is the killer"
Message :Good communication is what not to say and when.

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