Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 8

Joke :

Two senior close
Joke :
Patient - " I get angry even for ordinary things"
Doctor - " How long you have this problem? "
Patient - "Its none of your business you fool!"

Message :
Anger management is danger management


Two friends were die hard cricket fans.One of them died.Soon the other guy got a call from the dead guy."I have good news and bad news. They play cricket in heaven. "
"Wow . What is the bad news? "

"In tomorrow's game you are batting first"

Message :
Life is a game

Joke :
Patient - "I forget things too quickly"
Doctor - "How long you have this problem? "
Patient - "Which problem you mean doctor? "

Message :
Memory helps both pleasure and pain

Joke :

Dentist - (While seeing the open mouth ...)
" A big cavity A big cavity A big cavity"
Patient - " Why do you say it thrice doctor? "
Dentist - "I said once.The rest are echoes"

Message :
Our body and mind echo our problems

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