Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 2

An old man asked his relative, a young guy "I heard that you learn spoken English through Postal.Let me see your skills, speak two words in English".
The young guy said "Sir Post!".

It doesn't matter how much one has learnt, one has to use whatever is learnt.
A call comes to a police station." Sir, a thief has entered a house at no.12, first street, Gandhi nagar, Adyar."

"Ok.Who is calling"

"I am that thief.These guys are beating me without any gap"

Communicating right message at right time to right people always helps.
Patron-"You normally extend one arm.Today you are extending both arms.
Beggar-"As business is going fine, I have opened a branch.


Expansion is a key to sustain any business.

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