Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 5

It was a period when mirrors were just introduced in China. Only rich were owning.
A rich man was having a tall mirror in a secret room in his home. One day his wife went inside the room and saw her own image. She thought her husband has hidden a lady there and started crying near the door step. A monk saw her crying and asked for the reason. The monk went inside the room and came out.The monk told the lady " Don't worry my child. That lady had felt sorry and become a monk"

Message :
Mirrors reflect what you see!
Joke : (Folk story)
One guy's wife and mother used to quarrel always. One day he went of town for business. His wife and mother started the fight. The daughter in law hit the mother in law with ulakkai (long wooden rod used to power rice) in the neck. Mother in law lost her speech. Evening her son returned. She showed her son, , before dying, ulakkai, then her own neck and then the daughter in law. He couldn't understand. His wife explained as follows. " Your mother was telling you why you standing like ulakkai, take my chain and put in your wife' neck!"

Message :
Intelligence and innocence is a rare combination
Joke :To celebrate their 25th wedding day, a couple went to a restaurant. Immediately after getting seated, husband asked wife, "Would you like to take one more jilebi?".Wife asked "We haven't started anything. Why do you ask one more jilebi? ".Husband replied "Immediately after our marriage, I took you to a restaurant. You had a jilebi then"
Message :For timing you count.For counting you may not see time

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