Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jokes and MEssages - 4

3 guys were captured by enemies. Their enemies decided to hang them to death in a bridge over a flooding river. The first 2 guys fell in the river because the rope was tied loosely.They swam and escaped. When they tied the rope around the neck of the third guy he said "Pl. tie the rope tightly. I don't know swimming! "

Message :
It is sometimes better to be quiet than to speak the last words.
Mother rat and child rat were chased by a cat.They escaped and entered their hole.As the cat approached the hole, the mother rat said "Bow wow". The cat ran away.The mother rat told the child rat ,
"See the use of second language!".

Message :
Language can be used for speaking or barking.
Joke:(my own)
A guy: " I don't believe in astrology"
Friend: "You may be like that as per your zodiac! "

Message :
People may believe astrology but astrology doesn't believe people.

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