Saturday, March 3, 2012

Technological predictions for the year 3012 A.D

You may order food in the internet. That's happening even now. The food will be delivered at your home. The difference
is, it will be delivered thru' the internet itself. You will have to buy some USB devices called iPot,iBowl etc. 

You can participate in TV shows from your home. If you win you may send yourself to the studio thru' T.V, to get the prize or you welcome the host to give the prize in person. The host may not jump out of the comic book, but may jump out of your TV screen. 

Roads will be used for skating mostly. Internet will be the medium in which people will be routed to their destination thru' the Universal System 'Bus'. Don't dream of smooth travel as there will be network 'traffic' anyway!. You may come across a group of people in the hubs or routers protesting for justice. 

Now many orchestras advertise as 100% manual orchestra.  1000 years later organizing committee will lure the orchestra troupe by saying 100% manual audience since the orchestra troupe may not like performing to the robots.

The smell as an additional channel in T.V, would have become normal and you will enjoy the smell from the cookery shows,e.g. masala mixing, frying fish (veg lovers can mute the smell of course),cake baking  by Nigella. You may enjoy the duet song scenes when the hero and the heroine dance around the flower garden. You will have tough time when the hero chases the villain in the drainage pipes.

Music buffs will enjoy live orchestra being played in front of them in hologram. The band will change along with the genre.One may see a classical violinist player standing next to a folk musician and a hip hop singer, if people at the same home are listening(viewing?) those genres.

Since mind travel will be like boarding a local bus now,schools will have tough time. Now it is common that the teacher scolds somebody like 'your body is here but the mind is not here'. The students' mind may actually be watching a cricket match, from the stadium, regardless of the country where the match is played. The schools will install mind control devices to avoid such mindless presence.

You may work from home under the supervision of your boss.Your boss will be monitoring you and your team mates thru' close circuit connection. Only few companies will allow, "Work At Office" on special permission.

Mostly people will be fit thanks to the live fat monitoring system which will warn you with a siren when you consume extra fat. Due to this there will be slim chance of getting fat. 

One good thing on the crime side is, governments will be monitoring the thoughts because that's where a crime originates. A guy walking in the park, may be stopped by a bunch of cops at gun point saying "Freeze, you thought of robbing the PQRS bank just now!". Crime novel authors will have tough time due to this.

Banking will extend into totally a new dimension. Now we have Internet banking,Phone banking,Mobile banking etc. You will have 'Thought banking'. 100 points for you if you 'thought' about this already. You go alone into a room in your house and think your account number,password and amount to be withdrawn. In few minutes a bank staff will ring your door bell by just seeing the switch and later deliver the amount saying,"You thought 10K, here it is.Anytime you need money just think us!"

Cloning may just go out of control to the extent of people taking multiple copies or instances of them and install wherever they want. When you conduct a meeting with all of you, it will be like Agent Smiths running towards Neo in Matrix Reloaded. 

You might get surprised that though these are predictions for the year 3012, it is addressed to you. Not sounding logical?. That's based on the assumption that the research by  Dr.Aubrey de Grey on Anti Aging to help(?) people live for 1000 years will be successful soon.

The video you just watched/skipped has around 1 million views, which is far far less when compared to the 47 million views of "Why this kolaveri di". This means people like kolaveri (murderous rage) more than Anti Aging. 

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