Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poems - Lesson from a photo session/Doll man in a shop

Lesson from a photo session
It was dawn.
The sun light was yellow.
Shying sky.
Glistering clouds.
Beauty never seen before.
To record the nature artificially,
Got hold of a camera,
Jumped to the terrace.
Viewed the sky thru' the camera's eye.
Pressed the button.
'Less charge' complained the camera.
Wanted to see the sky,
With at least my own eyes and looked up,
The sky had changed.
Gone was the yellow light.
Temporary color of sun light.
In a world where,
Before understanding life and 
Starting to live 
Man go out of charge.
This isn't new.

Doll man in a shop
The entrance of a big shop.
Huge doll standing.
Doll welcomes and shows 'ta ta'.
Doll shakes hand with kids
Kid touching the doll with shy,
Letting go of the little fear,
To get a big joy.
Doll poses for snaps.
Smiling face of the doll,
Reminds smile to many.
Doll in colorful dress.
Tall and bulky doll. 
Doll makes happy,
By standing,walking and dancing.
Doll transforms into man at night.
Lean and hungry man in simple dress.
Sweating body,searching food.
Body is tired,not the mind,
For it gave joy to many.

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