Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anecdote - The voice change challenge

I am interested in the art of mimicry and possess some skills in that art.Had performed few stage programs.This happened many years back.I performed mimicry in an annual day function of my previous company.While returning home in the company bus, asked a colleague for his phone number.When he was about to tell the number, I told him "You are giving your phone number to me but I don't know in which voice i will speak!". He said immediately,"you can talk in any voice but I will recognize you". I said "Challenge!" and we raised our thumbs.

After few months I was walking near my house.I realized the day was April 1st.I thought of the challenge with my friend.Needed to decide the voice.I was confident that if I asked him to go to the office on Sunday he would go. Only thing is I should use a top boss's voice.I didn't want to punish him to that extent.So I decided on a common friend who had just moved out to another company.For both of them the mother tongue is Telugu.They used to switch between Tamil, Telugu and English in their conversation.I included "Emi baga unnaraa?(How are you?)" as one of the questions and planned to switch to English whatever was the answer at the other end.This was thought out to avoid my friend starting Telugu first and find out who is speaking really. Called my friend S in G's voice once the few minutes planning was over.The dialogue went as follows
"Excuse me may I speak with S".
"Ya speaking.Hai G!Tell me" (first line successful)
"Emi baga unnaraa?".
"Ya ya.fine"
"How is your company?."
"Fine,fine." (lot of energy in the answer)
"The other day Vasi called and told me that he is going to speak with you in my voice" (Actually telling what is happening at that moment as a past plan)
"Hello Boss.... Vasi" (got bored.Goal was achieved.So changed to own voice)
"Ennamma Vasi rendu perum vandhirukkeenga? (What Vasi both of you have come?)"
"Yarum yarum? (Who and who)"
"Neeyum Gyum" (You and G)
"Gyellam illa, naan mattum thaan (No G, only myself)"
(He had realized the date and what had happened. There was pause for few seconds)
 "I have been really fooled man".

He requested me to speak the starting few lines  which I did. He complimented me for the accuracy in producing G's voice. He might have thought I would call him and speak in some Tamil actor's voice. He was not knowing I could imitate G's voice with perfection.

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