Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do they resemble each other - 2

Thanks to all the friends who encouraged the part 1 which motivated me to post the part 2. Pl. click here for the part 1 of this series Part 1

Have come across persons who resemble my college mates. Have analyzed (room pOttu yosikrathillai, it doesn't more than few seconds) that in addition to their voice, facial expressions,mannerisms their talents, personality also match to a great extent. It has become a habit for me to ask few questions to confirm that after mentioning this resemblance theory of mine. Pl. let me know if my resemblance theory resembles any other theory :).

As a coincidence all the resembling pair in the below list are in acting field. Just kidding. When I was watching a Hindi serial in which Kunika lal (in the list below) I felt Gandhimathi was speaking Hindi on the TV. (Pl. try to see their video in you tube). Look at the questioning eyes of Sarathkumar and Surendra Pal (acted as Dhrona in Mahabharath serial). Both have the gait of a king and their dialogue delivery style is the same.  

Renuka Shahane
( Indian  Actress)
Vijaya Shanthi (Indian Actress-Tamil/Telugu)

O.A.K. Sundar
(Indian Actor - Tamil) Sundar's father OAK Thevar resembles Morgan even more closely. couldn't get his photo

Morgan Freeman
(American Actor )

(Indian Actress - Tamil )

Kunika Lal
 (Indian Actress)
Sharath Kumar   (Indian Actor - Tamil )

Surendra Pal
(Indian TV/Film Actor )


  1. Leave the Pics,It is a another wonder by the creator isn't it?

  2. You said it picture perfect Priyesh!