Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anecdotes - Polo / Windows Problem/ Commitment control / RS 6000

   In one of my earlier jobs, I was handling training on AS/400. My company offered residential courses on Mainframe,AS/400 etc. Was staying at the office campus for few months. One evening I was chatting with few students. One more student joined the group. He tore open a polo pack on the top and offered me ( to take one polo of course!) by saying "Sir! take it, mint with a hole". He said the 'mint with a hole' as they say in the ads. He heard me saying "I'll take the hole". He would have thought taking the hole was not possible or I might be meaning I didn't want the polo. Instead of taking one polo, I grabbed the whole pack with a smile. He realized immediately that I had told him, " I'll take the whole" and shouted "Sir! Sir! please take one".


One of the students of the residential program had problem with the Windows OS of the PC at his room. He met an office boy on the way and asked for his help, telling that there was a problem with Windows. The student mistook the office boy for an instructor. It was not the student's mistake. That office boy was a smart young chap, with a spectacles, in neat dress always. The office boy went to the student's room and started opening and closing the windows in the room. The student got shocked and had told " No Sir. There is problem in the Windows of my PC". The smart office boy didn't reveal his real role and had managed by saying "Oh,that! Ok. I will send my assistant" and then sent an instructor for solving the problem. 

One evening I was at the canteen in that campus. One student came to meet me. I was not in a mood to discuss any 'subject' at that time. The tiring class room sessions the whole day might be the reason. That student asked me "Sir! what is the difference between commitment control and roll back?". I heard me saying this as the reply. 
" If one commits suicide he can't roll back". 

   They had given advt. for a training on a mid range computer called RS/6000 (RISC System/6000, pronounced as R S 6000). After seeing the ad, somebody had called and inquired about the course details. The person who answered the call, had provided the details including the fees for the course. On hearing the fees, the caller had told immediately, " But in the advt. you have given the fees as rupees 6000, now you are telling a different amount. "

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