Saturday, March 9, 2013

Video Gallery of French Artists @ Lalith Kala Academy,Chennai

The Place: Lalith Kala Academy,Chennai (Near Thillaiyadi valliammai Co optex,Egmore)
The Event: Video art works of few French Artists
The Exhibits: 
As soon as I started watching the videos there was power cut. The hall was dark except for the light from the red screen of door entrance. Took a snap of the screen which looked grand. (3rd pic from the top)
Small videos which are played repeatedly. Art is an massage to the mind. A good makes you forget yourself and you are lost in the beauty of the art. What attracted me is the term 'Video Art'. I haven't seen anything like that earlier. 
The video of a two sparrows on a bike was very good. One sparrow looks at the mirror and keep touching its reflection with its beak. 
Another video shows an empty road in a hilly area,a lonely 2 wheeler and close up of its seats. The butterflies added to the beauty of this video and made it a visual poem. 
The video of 2 boys playing guitar and piano singing an English song ('I see a darkness'). The light is dim in the beginning and its brightness increasing along with the song. 
The Host:
Janani said she is doing final year in an Engineering college. Her 'ants in a coffee cup' mobile pic was very good. You may refer me to her as the 'Uncle who watched the video arts with lot of interest'.  
The last day:
The show is on till tomorrow. (10th March 2013)

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