Sunday, June 2, 2013

A to Z of Ambipur Indiblogger Chennai meet on 26/5/13

Ambipur : The product of the sponsor of the bloggers meet. 

Birthday: It was Indibloggers Renie's birthday on that day.

Cool couples:  
Met Priya Iyer ( and Nishok. Meeting them added more fun to the meet.

Day: 26th May 2013.

Entertaining: The way the event was conducted. The anchor was just a jolly good guy.

Food: Excellent buffet for lunch. Evening snacks too.
Games: It was all right from the start.

Happy: to know that Indibloggers are growing. Their recent US meet is an example for that.

Indiblogger: Organizer of the event. 

Just missed: the blind fold,smell n Tweet contest since they closed it when it was my turn to get blind folded.

Kick start: The event was started a little late but ended gr8.

Large audience: I didn't expect this much turnout. Seems every one who registered brought themselves in. :)

Missed: I gave my complimentary Ambipur car freshner for our skit and it never returned. How can it come unless somebody helps it to come. 

Names:We were asked to gather in the many round tables as groups and if someone says the names of all the persons in their table within couple of minutes, everybody in that table gets couples movie pass.

Online: They gave a free wi-fi connection for the participants.

Presentation: The Ambipur products were presented in a 10 minutes which covered how Ambipur does what its good at.

Queue: That's what we formed to get the Indiblogger T-shirt.

Road trip:A tweet contest about your fav road trip with the #AmbipurFreshNHappy. The winner got a Galaxy S4. 

Skit: Everyone given an Ambipur Car freshner and the Ambipurs of same flavor formed a team. The 4 teams played a skit. The best team won a prize.

Twitter: They blind folded and put bloggers one by one in a car,(they didn't ask to drive) and were asked to feel how good the smell of Ambipur was then tweet about that. The best tweet got a Galaxy S4.

Umbrella: There was a blogger who blogs in this name.

Venue: Hyatt,Anna salai,Chennai. Was thinking of going there for a photo shoot, that wish got fulfilled by this meet.

White: The color of the big car that was in the hall with a head light inside it(if you don't believe see the last pic)

X-tra: If they had few more Ambipur car freshners I would have got one. Feeling guilty to write about Ambipur without actually using one.

Youth: Majority of them were youth along with few grey hairs (youth forgotten to dye?).

Zing thing: The event was full of energy.

Indibloggers gave time for people who for social causes to present their service.It surely means Indibloggers not only love fun at the same time serious about the society.