Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jokes and Messages - 1

A man met a boy in his neighborhood.He asked the boy for his name.The boy told " Ja Ja Ja Ja John". The man asked the boy with concern "Boy, do you have speech problem?"
The boy replied "No.The person who named me had speech problem"

"Its easy to jump to a conclusion, wait for the root cause to pop out"

A prisoner caught an ant and started training it to speak.It picked up fast.Soon he trained it on many languages, arts like gymnastics, calligraphy, origamy etc.He wanted to earn millions by showcasing the ant's talents.
He was released soon.He went to a restaurant as he was hungry.He ordered for a juice and it was delivered.He couldn't control his excitement about his 'talented' ant.He placed the ant on the brim of the glass and told it to do gymnastics. He then called the waiter who was away.The waiter came near him.He told smiling, "Waiter see this ant!". The waiter immediately pushed the ant with his finger,crushed with the menu card and cleaned the table saying "Sorry Sir!".

Message: Timing is more import'ant' than time.

Customer: "Server ! See here , there is a dead ant in the coffee"
Server looks the cup closely.
Server: " Thank god Sir. The ant is alive"

Message: Sometimes people try to correct others before trying to understand what is told to them.

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