Friday, February 3, 2012

Bytes from Jan 2012

During channel surfing one day, just watched a serial for few seconds. A lady was walking around a house with evilness in her eyes. That scene was shown in negative with flashing many times. I just asked why should they use too much of negative.My wife commented, "They are symbolically saying she is a negative character!"

 A friend called around Jan mid this year. During the conversation he asked how was the new year. I wanted to say that there was no change and replied, "Everything remains the same except for the calendar!"

Was waiting in a signal in an auto. Vehicles were crossing in the opposite  road. A group of pedestrians who were waiting to cross suddenly started crossing the road when there was a gap in between the vehicles. On seeing them simply ignoring the green signal for the vehicles, I told the auto driver, "They have taken the law in their legs".

We went to the book exhibition in Chennai during Pongal. My wife bought a world map and showed that to me. I told her, "Pl. check whether all the countries are there. This will help you in  understanding the world better!".

My friend and I ordered Mysore bonda in a canteen. While waiting for the bonda to be served, my friend told that Mysore bonda tasted good in Bangalore. I added with, "If you had tasted the Mysore bonda in Mysore, it would have tasted even better"


  1. Nice one Vaasi. But Mysore bonda i read it in Khusvant singh's joke book. Any how the negative women is good. Like u ur wife is also having sense of humour.

  2. Thanks Gladies. Glad to know that Kushvant singh had already told my joke. :)