Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The mystery of the Seed of the Jack fruit is solved

   I visited a friend's home on way to Madurai during 10th standard annual leave. Had lunch at his home. My friend was sitting next to me in the dining table. His father was sitting opposite to me and his mother was serving. The food items were strange to me since they were in Mysore style. After few minutes, when Sambar was served, noticed Jack fruit's seed (palakkottai in Tamil) in it,which was quite familiar to me. 

   In my excitement I forgot that the seed of the jack fruit was very slick. When it is wet it is difficult to grab with fingers. You can even include grabbing that in game shows  like 'Minute to win it'. I told my friend,'At last a known one' and he told me to just enjoy.  In my excitement, grabbed the palakkottai fast, next moment its skin was between my fingers and the main part flew in 45 degrees above my friend's father. I told my friend,'You saw what happened.Where it went?'. He said 'Don't worry'. Luckily both his father and mother didn't notice. Till this day, it was an embarrassing dining table incident I ever had.After that unexpected physics experiment in the dining table, I never get excited about any food item,especially when visiting somebody. 
  The destination of that jack fruit seed, I mean where it landed on that day, was a mystery for so many years. I used to think where it would have gone, when I don't anything else to think. A year back, that friend (now a dentist) clarified that it was found by the maid the next day morning in the dining hall itself.

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