Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review - Bantaism by Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Title : Bantaism
Author: Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Publishers: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Humour
Before starting to read this book, if someone talks about giving a commentary to a joke, I would have laughed at it. Not any more. This book is a collection of Banta singh (mostly) jokes with a commentary which gives the authors impressions on that joke. If you are above 40, you would have already heard few jokes (A) covered in this book, you can read this book for the other jokes (B) and for the commentary. If you are below 40, you will have lots of jokes waiting to may you laugh. 
Note: (A) and (B) mentioned above may vary from person to person.Franky, I don't have any clue of which jokes you heard already and which ones you haven't heard.

Generally people don't take jokes seriously the only exception is jokes on them. Jokes relieves of your stress, some teach lessons, let you learn from others fault and makes you think about life in general.
The commentary by author covers many things like general knowledge,philosophy,politics, history, funny experiences of life, to name a few. The language style is very good to the extent one can enjoy each word. 

I have been to Humour Club meetings in Chennai many times. A policy of that club is, not to refer to any community while telling jokes. I am following that policy in the below jokes, by referring the main character as Mr.X. The joke here is, since X is a variable, you can enjoy by substituting anybody there and enjoy for each version.

Once a friend told a joke to me. Later when I told that in native I gave a village like name to the main character of that joke. When I met the friend who told that joke again in Chennai, I thanked him for that joke and told about the name given by me. To my friend's shock the name I gave was his official name which I was not aware.   

Check out these jokes below. 

a. A girl proposed Mr.X. Mr.X denied by saying, "In our family we marry only relatives. My dad married my mom, my uncle married my aunt and so on. So please excuse me."

b. Mr.X to a girl : "I want to marry you"
    Girl to Mr.X : " I am one year elder than you"
    Mr.X to a girl : "Fine.I will marry you next year"

c. A friend goes to Mr.X's house and he presses the calling bell switch. Exactly at the same time, Mr.X sees his friend from the balcony and says to his friend, "Actually there is no power. You better knock the door"

The above mentioned jokes are not from the book under review. The book has even better jokes than the above. A good book makes you long for when you will continue to read again. This book fits that definition. When I was reading few jokes from the book late at night one day, I had to control myself from laughing louder and I blamed myself for reading them at an odd time.

Many jokes are lingering in the mind, like "Instead", "escalator", "Are you a foreigner?" to name a few. Of course I am sure I will read them in future also to enjoy the narration. The cartoons are really funny which adds fun to the corresponding jokes.

The one liner about this seriously funny book is..., "A joke book which makes you think!".

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