Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year resolution ! Any solution ?

     Our world, in the once green planet (this one -->), is divided into 2 groups regardless of country,religion,linguistic differences, i.e., those who take up new year resolutions and those who don't. Any attempt to divide the first group like 'those who keep up with the new year resolutions' and 'those who don't' is a waste. All those who take up the new year resolutions, find it difficult to keep up with them. As the name indicates,it is mostly meant for the 'new' year which may be the first day or the first few days of the year.I have heard of people who did Yoga on Jan 1st to fulfill their new year resolution commitment and limited the practice to just only 'eataasana' or 'sleepaasana' for the rest of the year. 
      By this time you would have found out that I belong to the first group mentioned in the line numero uno (Italic Italicized!) of this post. Last year,during the tail end, which is normally the new year resolution season for normal persons, I decided that no more new year resolution. Earlier for many years I was very serious about the new year resolution and used to meditate on them in the early hours of the new year. 
   It became so serious that the resolutions list was growing big that I couldn't write them in the mind and started using paper.
I ended up with using the same list (rather worst,same paper) for 2/ 3 years successively. Ever heard of new year resolution checklist! (paperback version, hardbound edition or a computer database for storing the new year resolutions in worst cases).
   Finally I got bored and lost the fun with the new year resolution. I decided enough is enough and didn't have any new year resolution last year. In other words, "No resolution hereafter" became my resolution. Since I didn't want to lose in touch with the resolution thing,that year (read last year), I had my computer monitor resolution as 1366 X 768 which served as the new year resolution.At last I could keep up with one resolution.
   2011 is about to end in few days and I tried not to fall into the new year resolution trap again. As usual and as normal, I failed in my "No resolution" resolution and my desire to have a new year resolution for 2012 has won. Will try to search for the good old paper with the standard list of resolutions and if I don't get it, will use an excel sheet to enter and maintain(?!) my resolutions.

After all this is life. It is a game we play with ourselves whatever the age. Let us enjoy the fun.

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