Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poem - This vehicle called Earth

This vehicle called Earth...

This vehicle called earth.
So big a vehicle...
Without wheels.
One route. No destination.
No accident, as it follows the rules.
Reaches the starting point and continues again.
Passengers smoke but not the vehicle.
Though the ride is free…
'Ticket' bought when the journey ends.
Invisible and Invincible driver.

No reservation or waiting list.
Past passengers in history.
Future passengers? A mystery.
Journey begins without any luggage.
Journey ends leaving behind any gathered luggage
Cool at the top and bottom.
Swimming pools called sea.
No roof.
Passengers are responsible for getting wet.
Lighted during the day.

Travel begins by the passengers.
May end without any notice.
At times,passengers end the travel.
During the travel…
Shall read books.
Shall listen to music.
Shall befriend. 
Shall chat and exchange thoughts.
Shall just watch.
No windows,may just stretch the hands.
Shall play as kids.
Shall study the lessons.
Shall become youth and wed.
Shall get old and rest.
A journey in which the passengers transform.   

Is the travel joyful or boring?.
Depends on the Traveler's mind.
Stay anywhere as you like…
In the travel..
Shall get angry.
Shall be disgusted.
Shall be selfish.
Shall help.
Shall make others happy.

The vehicle jerks at times,
affecting the passengers.
Attempts to make the journey a luxury.
Had caused more jerks.
Protect the vehicle,
For present and future passengers…


  1. Super Vasi...Every journey has meaning in it!

  2. Excellent concept, thoughts, visualization, philosophy, facts, very apt image, Wow, Kalakkareenga, Vasi Ji. Expecting more... Also, looking forward to see its Tamil version also soon.