Sunday, February 20, 2011

Robin Sharma - Author of the Monk who sold his Ferrari

Listened to an interview of Robin Sharma in a magazine's CD. The following are the excerpts from that. 

The 3 things Robin sharma's father told him when he was young
  'always dreaming','always learning' and
  'take a cause larger than you and work for it'

'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' was sold 3 million copies.It was self published,his mother edited and his father sold it at the back of his car.His first speech was attended by 22 people, 21 of them were his relatives.People laughed what a lawyer know about leadership

Every employee should think like a CEO 

Robin Sharma talks about big five things one should try to achieve and progress constantly
showing innovation
being ethical
driving positive change
leaving people  better than you found them
being the most positive person

He also talks about five small daily goals, to reach the big five.

One lady asked Picassa to draw her. Picasso drew her picture in a paper and gave it to her.
She thanked and started walking away. Picasso called her and said she should pay a million dollor. The lady told 'you just drew for
30 seconds,how can it worth million dollors'. Picasso replied 'It took 30 years to draw that picture in 30 seconds'. 

One famous comedian advised a budding comedian 'Be so good at what you do so that people can't ignore you'

Doing same things everyday develops a sense of complacency.
Spend time with people who see the world differently. e.g. teaching kids something
Don't worry about what other people think
get reinspired everyday by being alone, by meditating, reading good magazines etc. 

We are caught by the things that frighten us
running away from discomfort is running away from growth
you need to be great person to be a great leader
 you can't lead other persons if you can't lead you
you be the change that you want to see in the world - Gandhi

Check the Video log of Robin Sharma in youtube,his speech style is convincing with amazing clarity 
Getting more done in less time

 Thanks to my colleague Krish for sharing the magazine which featured Robin Sharma's speech

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