Monday, February 7, 2011

Frozen thoughts.. (let me do justice to the second half of my blog title)

Frozen thoughts is a monthly magazine published from Chennai. I didn’t think a magazine from Chennai will beat Readers Digest and reach the first place i.e. my favorite magazine. Suggesting to subscribe for more peace of mind. 

The editor of that magazine runs an organization for the improvement of society. When checking the frozen thoughts web site, found the Alma mater site and found that they broadcast the editor’s speech live on Sundays 7AM to 9AM

T.T.Rangarajan's speech is broadcasted on Headlines today on Saturdays from 6.45AM to 7AM. It is titled 52 Thoughts. On 2/4/2011, it was the 5th episode

Those who miss that can check for frozen thoughts in you tube. The editor’s speech is in good English, given without any notes, no searching for, what is that word, mmm.. ya.. words. The points spoken may be known but the way they are told is just great. 

Below are the excerpts from one such speech.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way
Great things have been done after 30 e.g Gandhi, Theresa Vivekananda (Chicago speech)

 Whatever happens happens for good.How it applies to Tsunami. If the tsunami had attacked in the evening the casualty would be very high.

If love cannot nothing else can
you can't fight with your spouse and create a great marriage
you can't kill your competition and create a great organization

get your magnet right
when your magnet attracts hatred you repel love
you celebrate the success of other person, you attract success
when you are upset for 30min you lose your life for 30min
you take no action to fulfill your desire, your magnet repels the desire
you desire health, but not willing to exercise or have right food habit, you repel health

2 category of people , those who feel they are on top of world and those who feel the world is on their top
that which you invest time, grows
happy family - invest time and communication
Inadequacy of knowledge and skills
We move from 'everything of me nothing of Him' to 'everything of Him and nothing of me'

forget yourself for a few minutes every day i.e. meditation

Thomas alva edison considered the outcome of his experiments as only feedback and not results
When his building met with a fire accident and all the research findings were burnt, he told his son, “all my mistakes are getting burnt”
Somebody asked him, you are a famous scientist and how can you fail 9999 times. He said they are not failures. I found out 9999 ways not to build a bulb

Don't justify hatred it is a waste .   
have you heard of being happily angry or peacefully hate

One story. One guru and his sishya returned to their hut after traveling for a long time.
Half of the roof was damaged in the house. The guru said “lord your ways are your ways, you know we need good ventilation”. At night the sishya couldn’t sleep staring at the sky. He complained to the guru about that. Guru said, “lord your ways are your ways, you know staring the stars will help us in falling asleep fast”. Suddenly it started raining and they came out. Sishya said,”we are suffering in the rain”. Guru said,” “lord your ways are your ways, you know we didn’t take bath for a long time”.
The sishya got fed up with the guru. He asked the Guru why he is not complaining and always thankful to the lord. The Guru said,”I don’t even know whether god is there.I don’t even know to whom I am saying this,but my approach is making me happy”   

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