Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anecdote - "That's your vehicle!"

Went to a marriage reception of a colleague. In the hall, met another colleague and started chatting. I asked him how he came to the reception. He said that he came in his scooter. I requested him to drop me in a nearby place. Next one hour I was in full spirit and started talking about few of my self learned skills. It included appreciation of Carnatic music, learning to read Malayalam, Telugu using only Magazine or newspaper in the respective languages without using any other source. The idea was to look for the photographs of familiar persons like politicians or actors and trying to read the name below the photograph. You learn the few letters first and gradually build your 'letter'bulary. This kind of exploring is an interesting unconventional method for learning. This is possible in case of Indian languages since you add the pronunciation of each letter to get the word. My colleague knew Telugu and I asked him to test my Telugu reading skills. He was surprised when I was able to read comfortably whatever he wrote. I was sure he was listening these kind of things for the first time and his face showed that.
After having dinner, we came out of the hall and walked right towards the 2 wheeler parking. The vehicles were parked near the wall. There were around 12 to 15 vehicles. Observed something in the vehicles and decided present that in a different way like that of a magician. As we were approaching the parking area, I touched my colleague's shoulder and told 'That's your vehicle!' pointing to the last vehicle in that row. I hadn't seen his vehicle before. My colleague got a shiver and asked repeatedly 'How come .. how come you know my vehicle?' in a panic. I didn't expect it will create this serious reaction. His face showed the shock and his voice was shaky. I said 'Wait,wait.. wait' to make him ease. He said 'Tell me.. tell me'. It was sure only my answer would relieve his shock. He didn't say any word when I finally said the answer. 
"Out of all those vehicles, only the last one is scooter. You had told earlier that you came in a scooter"


  1. ஒ.ஹென்றி கதைபோல் இருக்கிறது.. நன்று!