Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Trick shot Photos - 1

Trick shot 1 - Invisible Man

Trick shot 2 - Hand thru' Wood


Trick shot 3 - Holding a hand fan
This was shot in Sommerset mall of Troy, Michigan, USA. Met Dipak of Pune in the hotel I was stayed and we became instant friends bcoz we were two Indians who were fighting boredom alone. He cooperated well and this was taken in within a minute. The fan Dipak is holding is hanging from the roof in the background.
To my surprise, even in full screen view in computer it looked as though Dipak is holding it.
Trick shot 4 - Giant and boy

Trick shot 5 - Giant in Car park

Trick shot 6 - Spider boys

Trick shot 7 - Spider boys sticking to the wall

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