Sunday, June 26, 2011

My recipes !!! . . . (... and share yours !. . . )

1) Kurkure Raita
    Dip Kurkure in curd and taste it. You will dip the whole pocket of Kurkure in curd and have it. 
2) PulioLemon
    When my wife asked what variety rice to be prepared Puliodharai or Lemon rice, I told I want PulioLemon, i.e. mixing both the powders in rice. Puliolemon was our favourite for sometime. 

3) Sweet Cock tail 
    Needed: Sweet box bought from sweet box (with different sweets).Take little amount of each sweet and put in a plate. Add little mixture (kaaram) to it. Mix the whole thing and the sweet cocktail is ready

 4) TongDosa
    Mix Wheat flour and Maida. Add chilli powder (milagu,seeragam other choices) to it. Try the TongDosa. Optionally add cashew nuts or sprinkle grated coconut 


  1. அப்படியே சாபிடலாம்...
    Maltova tastes yummy than the 'White Stuff' Horlicks
    No Snacks.. No Worries...
    ஒரு வாய் போட்டுகலையுடன், ஒரு கரண்டி சர்க்கரை சேர்த்து சாப்பிட்டா...

  2. Selvaa, the local maltova you mentioned was my fav when I was in school days.