Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Cricket fan's love story

A Cricket fan's love story

It might sound silly to you or you might bounce with joy after reading this. I loved a girl who studied with me and married her. No. We didn't cut classes and drive straight to theaters. Our interests matched and she was my maiden love. She hit my eye balls when I saw her in the first day of first year. It seemed that this wide spinning earth stopped for a moment. Couldn't sleep at night at that period and I was awake like a nightwatchman. My eyes turned red like Google e. If love is fishing, the fisherman get caught in the hook for the catch. I felt I was floating above the ground and pulled by her magnetic field. When love starts poems follow on.I decided that she was my match.
One day I declared my love to her in low pitch. She accepted without batting an eye lid. The wait was over. Our love started growing without any boundary.After the tests in the final year,   we went  back to our homes after saying bye. Six years had passed.
You throw a ball and it is retrieved by your pet dog.Thoughts about her came back like that.
Heard from her that her marriage was fixed with a New yorker. I couldn't keep quiet.My mind got tossed in full sweep. It made me run here and there. I appealed to her father who was about to retire and  uncovered everything about our love. His father gave green signal at last and we had a clean sweep.
We loved in the last century and married in this century.
She has gone to her mother's house for delivery.


  1. Vasi,
    A nice try. A well-played word play though it looked like a forced game in a few places. In most places the words spun off easily and were spot on. In just a few places the words were bouncing around uncomforatably.
    All in all, it was a win and definitely not a loss. Waiting for the next innings.


  2. Srikanth,
    Thanks for the feedback. It motivates to try new things and helps in the improvement.

  3. and here it continues...
    yeah that was my first innings. then when the baby is out we named him sachin. we had to buy him bouncer and slings. he got us stumped day in and out. we sitting and talking about this history is the best highlight

    :) :) nice and very differnt one

  4. Shree,
    Thanks.Your add on was interesting to read.

  5. A very creative post and a standing ovation at the "pavilion "!

  6. Thanks specs buffy for your encouraging comment.