Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anecdotes - 2/2/2000 - Sorry - Scratch - Football Quarter final

The year was 2000 and the day was February 2nd.When tearing the sheet in the daily calendar observed the peculiarity of the date.Evening,when going to board the company bus,
asked a colleague, "What is the date today?'. He fell in the trap and replied “ two two two thousand.”
I told “I asked the date but you say the year with a stammer.”

While returning home, in the company
bus,was chatting with my team member.Some
body called him from the back seat and told some thing. He responded.I asked my
 team member, “What did the back seat
 guy tell you?”. He replied,“He said sorry!”
"What did you say?"
"I said no mention!"
"Do you know why he said sorry?"
"No. I don't know" 
I told patiently, "Actually the back seat guy kicked my leg!"

The company where I worked started a new center in Adayar.
 The project team I was part of, was
moved to that center. The very first day we had a team meeting and few of us assembled in the conference room. The brand new conference table had a scratch in the middle on the top side.
One team mate pointed that out and said 'This new table has a scratch!".I said the following comment as the response.
'Somebody has started from scratch!'
The world cup football was in progress.I was returning from office, in the company bus.Chose a guy whom I guessed wouldn't be interested in football and asked 
him casually,'How many teams are playing
in the quarter finals of world cup football?'.
  My guess was right, he was not following football.He said, 'Sorry, I don't follow football'. I told,'Whether you follow or not, only 8 teams play in the quarter finals!'

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