Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anecdote - When the kids started talking - 1

The below mentioned things happened when Vasanth was around 2 years old.
Had just returned from office and started wearing the dhoti. Normally when changing from pants to dhoti,the dhoti is spread and put on the back hanging like a cloak,the ends of the dhoti are pressed between the chest and the chin since hands are busy in removing the pants. The moment I put the dhoti on my back and held the ends of dhoti, Vasanth who was playing before me asked,
"Appa neenga super manaa?"("Appa,are you a super man?")
We went to the Egmore museum (In Chennai). On our way back home, we talked about the big green dinosaur statue we saw there.I asked Vasanth what he would do if such dinosaur approaches him. To our surprise,he didn't show any fear and told this in excitement."I will paint myself green,so that the dinosaur will think I'm also a dinosaur and leave me". I continued to ask whether he feared for wild animals lion,tiger and so on, one by one. He replied in negative for all those things.I got bored and asked "For what in the world do you fear?". Suddenly his face turned pale and he told that in a shivering voice. "Coockroach!". It was like watching a scene from a Hollywood horror movie.

Once when my sister visited us,she gave a biscuit packet to both Vasanth and Vishal each. I asked Vasanth,"Who gave you the biscuit packet?". For some reason he didn't want to say that Aunt gave the packet and he answered "Appa". I asked the same question differently like "Aunt gave this biscuit packet,right?". He said "No". After failing to get him say "Aunt gave the biscuit packet",I got crazy and just wanted to put an odd question trying to confuse him."Who didn't give this biscuit packet to you?".
I didn't have any clue what his answer would be.He answered in a fraction of a second with a cryptic smile,"Aunt",with a satisfaction of maintaining the denial.

My sons Vasanth,Vishal,my wife and me were sitting together. Vasanth was looking somewhere curiously. My wife gave him a pat in the back and when he turned to see who did that, she pretended as if she didn't do that. She asked Vasanth,"Who beat you?". Vasanth pointed a finger at her. She asked "Did I beat?. Who beat you?".Vasanth pointed at Vishal.We told Vishal to ask "Did I beat?Who beat you?".Vasanth pointed at me.I too asked "Did I beat?Who beat you?".Vasanth,having left with no other option,pointed at himself.

My wife was telling the fox and the sour grapes story to Vasanth. "...After jumping and trying few times the fox left from that place saying 'these grapes are sour'...". Vasanth had asked this follow up question,"Were those grapes really sour?"


  1. cute!!! specially the one in which the poor kid points to himself. loved reading them.

  2. Very sweet...good you documented this somewhere where he could read after some years to know what he did as a child!


  3. Thanks for your comments