Thursday, January 12, 2012

Only God can settle the dispute between believers and non-believers.

This happened during my college days.One day I returned to my room from a local library,heard loud voices in my room. Two of my room mates were arguing about something. It seemed that they were arguing for a long time. After few minutes of observation,I learned that they were arguing about whether God exists or not. I had to leave the room for some other work and wanted to settle the argument before I leave. I asked one guy, what was his point. He told that he was on God's side. I told him for everything there is a source or a cause and our parents were the source for us. I asked him,what was the source for God. When he was searching for the answer, I turned to the other guy.I asked him If God doesn't exist, who created the Earth,Sun and the entire universe and there must be some source. I finished my speech saying,"So God exists for the believers and doesn't exist for the non-believers!". As I was leaving the room, I heard one of the two, telling the other,"Ipch,we were arguing for one hour, this guy came and disrupted everything."


  1. Nice and terse way to silence both the protagonist and antagonist, but with the kind of questions you asked them, I felt you proved to the believer that God does not exist and to the non-believer that God exists. :)

  2. Tnx Vicky Dada. That was my intention. Giving them the image of winning both of them and finally deliver the last/punch line. :)