Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to borrow a tape recorder in 2 minutes...

  This happened during my college days. One week end,my 2 room mates and I , wanted to listen to film songs. Our neighbor, a senior citizen, had a tape recorder. We thought of borrowing the tape recorder from the neighbor. Borrowing something from him was next to impossible. We had a bet on who could borrow the tape recorder from the neighbor.First guy went to get it. He came back as fast as he went. He told that he asked for the tape recorder as soon as he went in and the answer was no.

The second guy went next. He didn't come back for around 10 minutes. We thought he would come back with the tape recorder. He returned empty handed. He told that he buttered the neighbor for 5 minutes and then asked for the tape recorder. The neighbor buttered back for around 5 minutes only to say no at the end. It was my turn next. I went and came back with the tape recorder within 2 minutes. My friends shouted in excitement and asked for my trick. I told that the neighbor tried to crack a joke, which I countered and he gave the tape recorder.My friends asked for the joke and how I countered it in chorus again. I told about the conversation which went as follows.
Neighbor - "Certain things need to be single handed,like watch,pen,tape recorder and  hi hi... wife"

Me (with a dry tone showing disapproval for such kind of joke)
"I just asked for the tape recorder,Sir!"

The neighbor unplugged the tape recorder and handed it over to me.