Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poem - Time

Slowly wading time,  
Waiting to get old
Is this human life?

No time to think about time!
It's felt at times. . .
When sick and lying in bed! 
When power fails!
When failing in life!

Humans are mobile sand clocks but. . .
It’s not time when the sand ends!
Going to soil when their time ends

Time has…
Years, Months…
Days, Hours…
Minutes, Seconds…
Couldn't see time passing!
Shapelessness,is that the reason?
Love is shapeless too!

Realization of passage of time,
Is the dawn of wisdom.

Good time means?
Moments of awareness.
Bad time means?
Moments off awareness.

Time comes or goes?
Answer in the mind!

Not to cry over the past!
Not to expect the future!
This moment is yours! 
Just enjoy…!


  1. Beautiful poem and the presentation is superb...:)

  2. Thanks Saru Singhal for your comments!

  3. Konnutteengha! tamil kavidhaiyum padhithaghi vittadhu.

  4. Nandri Vetrimagal Jayalakshmi avargalae!ungal paarattu ookkuvikindradhu