Wednesday, January 11, 2012

K9 species and Elephants...

I was attending a training on quality in my previous company. In the middle of the training,all of a sudden,the trainer started discussing about canine species with a female participant sitting in the front row. That discussion was going on for around ten minutes. The other participants including me, were getting restless. Even if it was about dogs or cats, if it was shared with all the participants it would be different. No one can question the connection between canine species and quality if it was relevant. Their discussion on canine species moved on to elephants, testing the patience of others. At least we were happy that they changed the species of the animals. At this point, the trainer seemed to have thought (guilty feeling?!) about other participants and wanted to engage us. He asked 'Do you know the difference between Indian and African elephant?' Raising my hand,I answered immediately with a loud and dry voice,  'Nationality!' The whole room was ringing with laughter.  

The training on quality continued smoothly after that.

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