Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The medicine that saved me

The year was 1989. I had come from my native to Chennai just after finishing my Computer engineering degree and was staying at my sister’s home. Made friends with few guys in the apartments where my sister’s family was living. Around 9’o clock one night, my sister asked me to buy few Vicks tablets for her. I started for the shop and I was accompanied by two friends who were my neighbors. Had a misunderstanding with one of them. The other guy was trying to sort that out. 
  We walked slowly to the shop and by the time we returned it was around 10’o clock. The issue was not settled. We walked to a bridge next to our apartments. We lost ourselves in our chat standing in the middle of the bridge platform. Suddenly I heard a van sound followed by somebody shouting. I was not facing the road and turned to my right to see who was shouting, irritated by the disturbance. Was shocked to see few cops jumping out of a police patrol van. Two of the cops were in uniform and the other two were in mufti. I started sweating even at that cold night.
  I didn’t like the idea of staying behind the bars the whole night. It would be a shame. One of the cops asked for my native place and my qualification. When I told about my native and the degree, he asked, “You studied computer engineering, only to stand on a bridge at late night and chat?” That was a million dollar question. I used all my acting skills with a sorrowful voice that would have made Chevalier Shivaji Ganesan envy, “Sir, I came to buy medicine for my sister who is ill!” As I was saying I pulled out the Vicks tablet from my pocket. Such an audio visual communication would have moved even the Himalayas. Moreover I was in dhoti and a pukka ironed shirt unusual for a youngster. The cop told me to go home. I was concerned about my friends and requested to send them along with me. The cop said “I told you to go, so just go!” I started walking towards the apartments.
  From what I heard from my back, I understood that the cops had searched my friends, who were in local costume, for knife and then let them free. I heard my friends approaching me soon as I was walking slowly deliberately. After taking few steps, all three of us turned back at the exact moment and confirmed that the van had left. "Phew!" We started laughing like mad guys. We went to the terrace of our apartments and made fun of the whole incident reviewing each others dialogues/actions. I was appreciated for my acting skills.


  1. lovely !
    i just imagined :)
    memories are sweet always sir !

  2. Is it your dress or your acting skill which saved you? Moral of story is a person wearing ironed shirt with Vicks in his pocket must be a gentleman!

  3. thanks,Deepak.Hari-Dress would have served as costume for the action