Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please don't argue after reading this!.

During the college days,I read in the Reader's digest the following quote by someone. "Discussion is exchange of knowledge. Argument is exchange of ignorance". That clicked some bulb in my mind and I hesitated to exchange ignorance thereafter. I started to spread this wisdom for the benefit of my friends.In Computer programming, the inputs that are passed to a program or function is called "argument". I preferred using the term parameter which is the another name for it. So you got how much I hated argument. Things were going fine with discussions,till I reached Madras(now Chennai). One day,on the way to a shop with a friend,I started discussing about argument,the quote I read earlier and how it influenced me. He listened quietly and once I finished he started discussing in favor of argument."No.No.We can exchange knowledge through argument also". Being a staunch supporter of discussion,I started supporting discussion with utmost seriousness. Our discussion on argument slowly turned into an argument and it went almost for an hour.Finally I realized that I was arguing for the past one hour for supporting discussion.I congratulated my friend for having pulled me into an argument which I was not doing for couple of years. Finally I ended it saying,"We argued for the past one hour,but you are sticking to your point and I am sticking to mine. This proves that argument is not helping in exchanging knowledge."

Please don't argue after reading this. I'm ready for a discussion.


  1. No No No No, actually argument is meant only for Computers u know. in a function in C u cannot pass a discussion and besides computer is not sitting there for discussing things..... blah blah. sorry i was playing, the post was wonderful! haha.. loved it :)...

  2. Thanks,Samik.Got shocked when reading the first line.Loved your fun.