Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A funny story - A hotel server gets selected in an IT interview by mistake

A hotel server attends an interview in an IT company by mistake. However he gets selected.
Let us see how it happened. (This was written in the year 1996)

I: What kind of server you have used?
C: Server? I'm a dedicated server.
I: Good. What is your user interface?
C: I don't get you,Sir! 
I: I mean, what do you show to your customer?
C: Menu,Sir!
I: Do you know Cobol?
C: Gopal is my friend,Sir!
I: Oh, you know Cobol as you know your friend. Fine. 
Do you have knowledge of hardware?
C: I used to accompany my boss to the hardware store
     Some of  my friends are making chips

I: Thats great. Tell about SunWindows and Apple
C: Because of Sun, we need windows. Most of our customers like apples
I:  Next 2 questions will test your sense of humour.
C: OK, Sir!
I: Your password is going to expire, what will you do?
C: Expire? I will cry,Sir!
I: That's good. What is the difference between  Microsoft excel and Surf excel. 
C: Microsoft excel is for spreadsheet. Surf excel is for bed sheet. 
I: Its funny.Pl. elaborate on Order entry system.
C:Customers place orders. The items are prepared and delivered to the customers. 
I: Where exactly the items are placed? 
C: The items are placed on the tables. In one row, there will be  many tables. 
I: I think that's a slip of tongue. In one table, there will be many rows. 
Do you have experience in Hotel management system?
C: I have 5 years experience, Sir. 
I: Thats cool. You are appointed.  


  1. Ha ha ha... Good one for skits..

  2. Tnx. Mahendiran. This was played in our company annual day in 2002.